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Tsukuba University and Kano Jigoro ~ Conquer by Yielding ~5. Coubertin and Kano


Kano Jigoro who served as principal of the Tokyo High Normal School for 23 years and a half worked not only on the creation and dissemination of Judo, but also on educational reform, international student education, and promotion of Japanese sports. In addition, as the first Asian IOC committee, he ran around the world and contributed to the promotion of the Olympic Movement. Learning about the wide range of actions and philosophies of Jigoro Kano, find the legacy (heritage) of Kano to the University of Tsukuba.(2018)
This lecture introduces brief personal history of Pierre de Coubertin and Kano Jigoro, living from the end of the Edo era to the beginning of the Showa era, and how two persons met. Then it reviews ideological proximity of these historical figures, that is, utilitarianism / pragmatism, comparative study on educational system, three domains in education (physical, intellectual and moral education), promotion of physical education and sports, understanding of different countries and global peace, and mutual prosperity for self and others / mutual respect.

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