Special lecture in 2018 “From ubiquitous to digital nature : art, entertainment, design”


We are looking at the arrival of computer nature (Digital Nature) before ubiquitous computing. Computer In nature, it seems that a variety of future forms can occur between people and machinery, the material world (Material World) and the real world (Virtual World) than the industrialized society so far. This laboratory challenges various problems including industries, academics, and art by imposing various choices that computer application brings among such materiality and substantivity, and implementing them by computer science We are aiming to create new cultural values in people, computers and nature, introduce case studies and current media history, etc.


Yoichi Ochiai University of Tsukuba,Library, Media, Media Creation
Associate professor
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba Assistant to President Digital Nature Group President Digital Nature Promotion Strategy Research Base / President of Pixie Dust Technologies

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