Introduction to Artificial Life Mizuki Oka
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba,Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems


Artificial Life (ALife) is a research field that explores the essence of “life” by constructing living systems from scratch with the help of computers. In this lecture, we will learn about various theoretical models of ALife, such as cellular automata and boid models, by running codes written in Python.

Lecturer profile

Mizuki OkaUniversity of Tsukuba,Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
Associate Professor
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba. Ph.D. (engineering). IPA
Unexplored IT human resource development project PM. He is a supervisor of
the Web Science Research Society of the Japanese Society of Artificial
Intelligence. Technical Advisor of Blank Space Co., Ltd. Research on machine
learning, deep learning, and data analysis and utilization using artificial life
technology. Based on university research, it focuses on the social
implementation of new technologies. So far, he has been developing and
operating a person search engine, structuring knowledge using web data,
analyzing social media biological models, and developing algorithms to activate
communities from data flow in communication. Recent Books 'Building and
Running ALife – An Introduction to Artificial Life Theory Through