Special lecture in 2018 “Fusion of science and art “Cosmology of light-From life to the univerce”


"Why do people aim for the universe?" In order to challenge this question, I will report on the art experiment in the space station JAXA JEM "KIBO" which was conducted from 2008. Then, considering that the zero gravity environment and the view point from outside of the Earth create a new view of the world based on the experience of astronauts and verification of huge remnants such as pyramids. I will also introduce the student 's zero gravity flight experiment by aircraft.


Takuro Osaka University of Tsukuba Specially Appointed Professor
Dr. Art (Art) Completed graduate art graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts in 1972. Musashino Art University Associate Professor After working as professor, he was a professor of art at the University of Tsukuba in 2004. Honorary advisor to the Society of Environmental Arts. Representative existence of Japanese light art. "Cosmic ray series" in which cosmic ray signals are converted into LED lights, "Lunar Project" where 18 huge mirrors catch the moonlight in the rice terrace during the total lunar eclipse in 2000 is a representative with the theme of the Space Art like. Performing art experiments in the International Space Station from 2008 to 2011. Presented work at major museums both in Japan and abroad.

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