Special lecture in 2014 “The importance of keeping questions – Is child’s lie a lie ?”

What is important is not to stop questioning.

Psychology is an empirical science that unravels the mystery of the mind. Is "lie" a child is really a "lie"? Cognitive development and linguistic development to lie is based on language materials such as the process of propagation of rumors, the authenticity of the eyewitness testimony of children and adults, the process of transition by oral literature era, the development of narration We will verify empirically the mechanism of creative imagination, the brain's foundation that supports memory and recall, and clarify whether it is a lie or a lie. To support this verification process, first of all, have questions. Second, to explore the question. Third, it is to acquire a methodology for exploration.


Nobuko Uchida

Jumonji University Director / Special,Professor,Professor Emeritus, Ochanomizu University

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